Monday, November 30, 2009

Riding the tech wave part 1

Yes the seas are rough and time to time there are those huge trend waves. You need a good boat with right equipment and on top of that you need to train the sailor within you.

Let us share our experience riding this wave. First I will talk about the boat and the equipment. Yes I know you have already chosen your boat. Let it be proprietary technologies like Microsoft or open source technologies like PHP, Apache, etc. For those who are still at the shores trying to figure out which boat to choose, read on and you will get some directions to choose your boat.

Since I am familiar with web development using Microsoft technologies, I will brief on the equipment available for you to choose. Whichever technology you use your first and most reliable source of information is your technology provider. They know what happens under the hood and are willing to help you solve your problems because if technology is hard to use then it is safe to assume that the technology is not here to stay for a long period of time.

So if you start with the design aspect of the web application there are some great sites.

This is a great site which helps you to decide on color scheme of the site. And then there is this flexible template.
There are few other great sites like
I will continue this in another blog post.